Jopat Academy of Success

Report for 2010


This is Josephine Agbenozan, the headmistress of Jopat Academy of
Success. I promised to you that I will always write and inform you
about the progress of my school which you are helping me to build.

Firstly, I wanted you to know that your donations have brought good
educational lives to many kids and enabled them to have a better
future. It has also creates jobs for young Ghanaian teachers in my
locality. Further, it has brought great joy to many mothers because
the school is close to their doorstep.

Secondly, the school has currently 100 children: 63 girls and 37 boys.
With your sincere support, we could improve the infrastructure of the
school every year. It has now three classroom blocks, which are fully
completed, and a canteen built from wood known as Wawa boards and
bamboo. Kids go to the canteen for their lunch, which is served by
Auntie Salomey, as the kids call her. Besides the cook, I have
employed five young energetic teachers including myself helping these
kids with their academic work. These teachers are made up of four
female teachers and a male teacher.

In 2009, the school gave scholarship to 12 kids. This has brought
challenges and motivation to other kids to study harder in other to
enjoy a scholarship as well. In the same year, the school also held its
first Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting, which aims to bring
parents and teachers together. In fact, the turnout of parents was very
poor, but the few that came enjoyed the chance to interact with their
kids’ teachers.

My main aim of this meeting was to create a platform where parents
and teachers will meet and discuss various areas and fields that
provide quality education for kids. They also discuss how to find ways
and means of improving the facilities in the school and how to support
teachers with learning aids to enhance quality teaching methods.

At the PTA, we introduced the Beatrice Mensah Scholarship Program to
parents. Parents who attended the meeting were very happy when the
beneficiary kids who qualify for scholarship were announced. They
agreed that the school should organize such meetings every quarter of
the year to enable them to know their kids academic performance and
behavior in school and also to learn more about the development and
progress of the school. In this way, they can put in their little support
in the near future.

I will therefore like to thank you all for making Jopat Academy of
Success a successful home for shaping the live of the kids in my
community. I promise to keep you informed on how my school is
progressing and how your support is put into a good use.

All kids in Jopat send their love and greetings to you all. Jah bless!!!

Accra, September 2010
Josephine Agbenozan, Headmistress

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Our recent Fundraising events…

Car Boot Sale @ Wimbledon


Thanks to the donations of clothes, books, shoes etc we were able to raise £260 so far, which will go towards the planned library of the Jopat Academy of Success! Thanks to Maren for helping us and thanks for all clothes and facepainting donations!

Face painting

for Jopat Academy of Success

In collaboration with the African Market, we organised Fundraiser Face Painting events @Open the Gate on the 18th of June and 16th of July to support the primary school in Accra, Ghana. All the profit will be used for the planned art classes at the JOPAT ACADEMY OF SUCCESS!

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