Jopat Academy of Success

Our mural project…

Thanks to the donations collected at our Fundraiser Party “London for Accra” we were able to collaborate with the two local artists Nii Narku Thompson and Serge Attukwei Clottey on our mural for the Jopat Academy. We also were so proud to see our gifted pupils helping us with the painting! After three days decorating the walls in the nursery classroom with some wild animals, numbers and the alphabet, the two talented artists created an abstract painting at the entrance of the school. Now the Jopat Academy has a unique look and the children are even more proud of their school!

Our children also designed some cards with the topics- my portrait, my family, my town- which will be soon on the market in the UK and Vienna to collect more funds for art projects in the future!

Here some pictures of the working process…

And please also feel free to check out the artists pages:

Peter Nii Narku Thompson (website under construction)
Serge Attukwei Clottey (
Sunanda Mesquita (


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