Jopat Academy of Success

Ingrid’s Fundraiser Party in Vienna

We are proud to announce that our newest Fundraiser Team member Ingrid was able to raise 1000€ for the building of our 5th classroom! Since 2011, Ingrid has been supporter of the Sponsorship programme and had the amazing idea to throw a fundraiser party for her birthday- all her friends and family supported the project!

With the funds raised we will be able to complete the building of the fifth classroom, to buy tables, chairs and to paint the room, the rest will go towards the construction of the library/computer room.

Sunanda is presenting the achievements and goals of the Jopat Academy of Success
                                        Welcoming Ingrid – our new Fundraiser 🙂

Are you interested in joining our Fundraising Team? Get in contact with me as there are many ways to support our cause: jopatacademy (at)

Thanks also to Andreas Hollinek ( for the photographs 🙂