Jopat Academy of Success

This week a new school term has started and we are happy to welcome our Jopat children back from their summer vacation 🙂 Perfect time to present you a Sneak Peak of our soon-to-be-finished School Report of our very challenging but successful year 2013!

Some of the accomplishments of this year:

  1. We were able to complete the 2nd Floor class for 5th graders.
  2. Our Library room is now completed.
  3. We developed task force teams in the community for the safety of our community and kids.
  4. We provided school wide vaccination for all students and community members.
  5. We obtained Ghana Education Service curriculum guide for all grade levels.
  6. Teacher exams are in place to ensure high quality teachers.
  7.  We are providing free breakfast program for all of our pupils.
  8. A Poly Water Tank has been purchased- Water is Life! 
  9. About 15% of the students at Jopat received academic scholarships this year!

“This school year was challenging but yet profitable and fulfilling in the end. I’m very passionate about student learning and the rewards from education. It was good to see that we were able to complete the second floor despite the materials loss in the beginning and hit all of our goal targets for the 2012 – 2013 school year. Because of caring people from all over the world, Jopat Academy of Success was able to maintain and continue school programs, site development and construction. Due to our excellent and committed teachers we were able to apply more rigorous instruction to our classrooms through the use of technology and curriculum development. ”

Josephine Agbenozan – Proprietress

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE our new water tank

left: Headteacher Lydia Adugyemfi, right: the library under construction


our children enjoying the break in the school yard


left: the second floor containing freshly built library and 5th classroom