Jopat Academy of Success

Beatrice Akua Mensah Scholarship Program

Since 2009 we are able to offer a sponsorship for children of families who can not afford the school fees of the Primary School education. We are very happy to announce that thanks to the Beatrice Akua Mensah Scholarship Program, 27 children could enrol that normally would have been denied access to education. With just 150CHF you not just enable a child’s education for a year but also provide their school uniform, text and exercise books, stationary and one warm lunch per day!

The Beatrice Akua Mensah Scholarship Program is named after Josephine’s mother, who managed, under the most difficult circumstances to send all of her seven children to school. Her life story was the inspiration for the Scholarship Program that supports single mothers in their struggle to afford the school education for their children.

Beatrice Akua Mensah with her grand daughter Patricia